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Frequently Asked Questions
How does VIDA fit into my current marketing efforts?
Most properties are marketed using printed brochures, magazine ads, websites, emails, and sales centers. Though all of those assets are important, none of them live on customer smartphones or tablets where they spend...[+] the most time. VIDA helps you make the most out of advertising dollars by giving you the opportunity to seed your project application on customers’ devices; creating a more permanent offering -- an icon that sits on the screen reminding them of your project which they can revisit and share with one touch. You can speak to them through in-app notifications as the project progresses. It’s simple and intuitive. [-]
Can I customize features for my project?
Yes, we will sit down with your team to understand your project needs and ensure that you get the most out of VIDA. Feel free to discuss your wish list with us!
How is VIDA different than a website?
VIDA is optimized for touch devices; we build unique features that captivate your customers by maximizing the devices’ display capabilities. By making your project presentation beautiful and interactive, content...[+] becomes highly engaging and memorable. Content is no longer just words, but also method of delivery. VIDA is a dynamic tool that takes features beyond a static website to make a lasting impression with your audience.

Once your application is on a customer’s device, they can revisit your project with one touch without having to remember the URL. VIDA is an interactive brochure customers can easily share with friends through email and social media. With features like real-time updates and push notifications, you can communicate with customers throughout the development cycle and build brand recognition and loyalty.

Apps also enjoy features that websites cannot, like GPS, camera, push notifications, advanced graphics, in-app storage, and distribution through App Stores.

VIDA is revolutionary, just as websites once were. Mobile adoption is no longer speculation; it is something we integrate into our every day lives.
How can I update content inside my app?
Our Content Management System (CMS) tailored for your project application allows you to change textual content in real-time. You will have access to editing content you envision changing frequently, such as development...[+] updates, bulletin boards, project overview, inventory, price range, etc. Any creative media modifications like photos, videos, and floor plans will be treated as a change request through Flat World Applications; and can easily be updated by our development team. [-]
Why can’t I get the app built myself?
You can! However, with us, not only are there significant cost savings for design, development, testing, and deployment -- using VIDA technology, we can create and publish your application in less than a month. We...[+] spent 16 months building VIDA with a slew of ready features, and through continuous testing, we make sure your application runs smoothly. [-]
How fast can we deploy this application?
Realistically, it will take about 1-2 months depending on your specifications. After we determine what features your company will include, we will start creating the application. Once we receive all your creative...[+] assets, it will take about 10-14 days to develop. It will take about 10-14 days for Apple App Store approval. Once approved, you can choose the day your application gets published. [-]
Do I need an IT team to manage VIDA?
No, we manage everything for you – just leave it with us! From deployment, to publishing, to future software updates, our team will help you with all your needs so that you can focus your efforts on other pressing tasks.
How much does it cost?
Since every real estate project is unique, we encourage you to speak with us about your feature requirements before we recommend a package and issue a proposal. Please see our features page for more information.