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Your Portfolio On Demand
VIDA Lookbook helps developers and marketing groups showcase their portfolio to customers everywhere.
VIDA Lookbook is a mobile application specially designed as an interactive portfolio that allows you to deliver current and past successes to customers any time, anywhere. Whether you are a company showcasing real estate projects, or a team of power brokers presenting beautiful luxury listings, VIDA Lookbook is for you. Invite customers to your Lookbook from the comforts of their own devices. Create a memorable and sharable experience while inspiring brand recognition and loyalty.
Why VIDA Lookbook?
Differentiate Your Company
Cutting edge digital portfolio to set you apart from competitors.
Drive Marketing Beyond Traditional Reach
Maximize exposure with limitless distribution through the App Store.
Increase Brand Awareness and
Build Loyalty
Keep customers updated with all your properties showcased elegantly in one place.
Beautiful Designs
Choose from beautiful content styles to personalize your application.
Carefree Implementation
Quick and hassle-free implementation tailored to your listings; leave it up to us.
Beyond beautiful presentations with unparalleled design and user experience, VIDA Lookbook features help supercharge your marketing and branding efforts.
  •  iPhone and iPad compatible.
  •  Beautifully designed content styles.
  •  Elegant property profiles with gallery.
  •  Storybook-like page flipping.
  •  Quick and easy social sharing.
  •  Customizable VIDA add-on features.
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How VIDA Lookbook Works

VIDA Lookbook is an iPhone and iPad application that offers you a selection of content styles to personalize your presentation.

Choose your content styles and features.
Send us your creative assets.
We create and publish your application.

VIDA Lookbook has a one-time setup fee and a yearly maintenance support service for the application platform. Please contact us for pricing options based on your Lookbook requirements.

Your Portfolio On-The-Go

Deliver your portfolio to customers everywhere.
Showcase Your Successes

Current and past successes at your fingertips.
Beautiful Property Pages

Impress customers with inspiring designs, high quality photos, and compelling content.
Quick Access Contacting

Built in phone and email contacts with extensive profiles.